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Parent Center

Ms. Gutierrez

Parent Center Coordinator

Coordinadora del Centro de Padres

Ext. 44201


Our Parent Center is located in Room 1 and is run by Ms. Gutierrez, our Parent Outreach Worker. The mission of our Parent Center is to include parents as our partners and empower our families with the tools necessary to support their child's education. Services offered in our Parent Center include: Computer classes, Parent Workshops on a variety of topics, opportunities for parent leadership, input and volunteering.


Parent Center Values

Work in the Parent Center is based on the following values:

* Student achievement is defined as every student reaching their full potential.

* Respect is defined as fostering the inherent worth of every individual.

* A strong bond between Parent, Student, and Teacher is critical to achievement.

* Every school has a unique relationship with its community that can facilitate parent-student-teacher collaboration.

* Parent Centers should welcome parents from their school community and conform to their schedules and languages, and provide a list of resources and services.