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Winton Middle School Library Rules

The Winton Middle School library is open Monday through Friday from 7:30am until 4:00pm. Books are checked out for two weeks, and can be renewed, unless it has been requested by someone else. If a library book or textbook is lost or damaged, the student must pay to replace it, or buy one online. Do not wait! Please, speak with Mrs. McCrary to resolve these issues. If students do not pay for lost or damaged books, they may not participate in school activities.

Library Hours

The library is open before and after school, and during both lunches. While we have 7 computers, they are available to do research, type essays, and print documents that support your education. All students are encouraged to use the computer lab as well. You may save your documents, or use a flash drive. If you need help, just ask—I am here to help you.

Contact Information

Should a parent or guardian need to contact me, I may be reached by telephone at

(510) 723-3140, extension 44402; direct line (510) 582-5798 during business hours. Or, vial email at





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