Winton Middle School

AP Wentworth Houston

A Message From Assistant Principal Wentworth Houston

Houston.jpgI am very happy to be the New Assistant Principal here at Winton Middle School. I am deeply committed to providing all students with the highest levels of academic achievement available to them. My focus for all students are respect, equity and opportunity, allowing students to realize their potential for greatness while helping others that may be less fortunate. I take pride in nourishing and supporting faculty and staff to build improved relationships with students, so that they are provided engaging, culturally relevant curriculum that inspires them to become life long learners. Here at Winton Middle School, students will be provided with clear and consistent motivational expectations.


All stakeholders, especially our parents, play an important role leading to higher levels of academic achievement and the social well-being of our students. 


Have faith, be humble and strive to be the best that you can be. GO WILDCATS!


Mr. Wentworth Houston


Winton Middle School